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George Sand

2013 Prize Winners

Anne MARCOLINE - “Hearing Double: The Musical Body and the Female Voice in the Works of E.T.A. Hoffman and George Sand” (Directeur de thèse: Catherine Nesci, University of California, Santa Barbara)

Rachel CORKLE “George Sand Juge de Jean-Jacques: From the Philosophical Dialogue to the Bildungsroman”- (Directeur de thèse: Claudie Bernard, New York University; Committee: David Powell, Anne Deneys-Tunney, Denis Hollier, Nancy Regalado

Manon MATHIAS - “‘Apprendre à voir’: The quest for insight in George Sand’s novels” (Directeur de thèse: Dr Caroline Warman, Jesus College, Oxford; Oxford University, Trinity College; Examiners: Isabelle Hoog Naginski, Tufts University, and Tim Farrant, Pembroke College, Oxford)